Find the needle in the haystack.

Big Data analysis instantly at your fingertips.



Find the needle in the haystack.

Big Data analysis instantly at your fingertips.


Leader in AI Predictive Analytics, IP and R&D trend analysis and Big Data visualization

Our highly-visualized predictive analytics Dashboard provides coherent insight from the vast flood of growing information.


Find information instead of searching for it

Detect previously unnoticed patterns and new inspirations and discover white space through innovative two-dimensional mapping technology with specified parameters, such as keywords, IPC codes, patent numbers, etc...

Novel Approach

Novel Approach

A novel approach

processing massive quantities of data through proprietary algorithms.

Valuenex novel approach

1. Similarity Assessment

Our algorithms synthesize data and scan IP databases for similarities, which are measured by calculating distances of similarities between words, sentences or entire specifications.

2. Clustering

Each document is then arranged based on the analysis result and similar data is clustered together.

3. Visualization

All the information is presented in a Dashboard,  which includes a two-dimensional map accompanied by tables and graphs depicting different aspects of the data analysis.

Inspiring Growth

Inspiring Growth

Inspiring Growth


Electronics Companies

Financial Institutions

Governmental Agencies

Law Firms

Automotive Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Companies




Analyzing R&D Trends

Finding Potential Partners and Collaborators

Understanding Technology Distribution in Unfamiliar Fields

Exploring M&A Opportunities

Discovering White Space

Backing Up Investments with Solid Data

Supporting Decision-Making

Researching Competitors


Data Mapping

Bird's-Eye-View Analysis

IP Density Graphing

SWOT Analysis

Chronological R&D Pattern Viewing

and much more...