+ How does VALUENEXRadar differ from other patent & big data analytics tools?

VALUENEXRadar is a patent and big data analysis tool and as searching is not it’s primary function, it returns different results from those of an ordinary search tool. Ordinary search tools produce results based on designated search conditions, such as Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) relating to to keywords, IPC classification, and so forth without taking into account similarity to search parameters. VALUENEXRadar Patents produces results by considering the similarity of the entire patent text of all registered patents based on the entered text. VALUENEXRadar Documents analyzes the similarities of all text in the dataset.

+ Where do you get your data and how often is it updated?

We get our data from USPTO, JPO, EP, and WIPO. We perform a full update once a week.

+ Can we upload our own data for analysis?

Yes. The tools can read and analyse any .xlsx, .csv, .txt, and .tsv files in the appropriate format.

+ How does the algorithm work?

After creating or uploading a data set for analysis, it is run through the algorithm with the following steps:

  1. Morphological analysis of the text which separates sentences into words and phrases
  2. TF-IDF calculation to extract characteristic words and assign each one a weight
  3. Similarity calculation and vector assignment based on all words in the data set
  4. Visualization through proprietary algorithm based on multi-dimensional scaling

+ How is AI used in your algorithm?

AI is used for natural language processing, cluster creation, and visualization output.

+ What is technology convergence?

Technology convergence is when industries typically in separate fields of business come together. For example, the alignment of technological developments around autonomous driving has brought companies together, such as Google and Honda. Our tools can detect these convergences several years in advance with our proprietary and precise technology mapping and trend graphing.

+ What is 'White Space'?

‘White Space’ is an area of undeveloped potential, which includes unique technologies, novel patents and underdeveloped R&D.

+ Can I run multiple analyses at the same time?

Yes. The maximum amount depends on your plan.

+ How long does it take to get the results of an analysis?

Smaller analyses can take between 10-15 minutes. When analyzing 100 000+ documents, it can take upwards of an hour.

+ Do your tools operate on Mac?

VALUENEXRadar Patents and Documents can operate on any machine with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. ClusterMapViewer is only available on a Windows PC.

+ How much do your services cost and how do I sign up?

We offer various packages based on individual needs. See our Pricing & Plans page for details.

+ Is there a free trial?

Yes, we provide a week-long trial for free.

+ Do you provide training for your products?

Yes, we do.

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