+ How does VALUENEXRadar Patents differ from other patent search tools?

VALUENEXRadar Patents is a patent analysis tool and as searching is not it’s primary function, it returns different results from those of an ordinary search tool. Ordinary search tools produce results based on designated search conditions, such as Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) relating to to keywords, IPC classification, and so forth without taking into account similarity to search parameters. VALUENEXRadar Patents produces results by considering the similarity of the entire patent text of all registered patents based on the designated keywords.

+ What is 'White Space'?

‘White Space’ is an area of undeveloped potential, which includes unique technologies, novel patents and underdeveloped R&D.

+ Can we use our own data to make a radar image?

Yes. The tools can read CSV or text files. Our analysis is based on patent numbers which will be converted into a compatible format thanks to our provided macro.

+ How much do your services cost and how do I sign up?

We offer various packages based on individual needs. Contact us for specifics.

+ Do your tools operate on Mac?

VALUENEXRadar Patents and Documents can operate on any machine with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11 and Edge. ClusterMapViewer is only available on a Windows PC.

+ Where do you get your data and how often is it updated?

We get our data from USPTO, JPO, EP, and WIPO. We perform a full update once a week.

+ How long does it take to get the results of an analysis?

Typical analyses take between 3-15 minutes. When analyzing 100 000 documents, it can take 10 or more hours.

+ Can I run multiple analyses at the same time?

Yes. There is no limit.

+ Do you provide training for your products?

Yes, we do.

+ Is there a free trial?

Yes, we provide a week-long trial for free.

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