Visit our booth or look for our staff at the following events to learn more about how to make the most of VALUENEX's powerful analytics tools and services.

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World Intellectual Property Forum • Dubai • Jan 16-18


World Intellectual Property Forum, which will take place from 16th to 18th January 2018 at Hotel Raffles Dubai, is known for organizing one of the best Global IP event. The theme for the conference is 'Navigating the IP Compass'. This three-day conference will focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property and its syncing with business objectives.

This conference will also provide ample opportunities for business networking with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts around the world. VALUENEX CEO, Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, will be part of the panel on IP & Technology Convergence Mapping for Strategy Development alongside executives from Cognizant, Patinformatics, SciTech Patent Art Services and ipCapital Group.

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Next Generation Information Analytics Space (NGIAS) • Tokyo, Japan • Nov 9-10


With the rapid emergence of IoT, we are increasingly submerged in vast quantities of diverse data making not only its analysis, but also its effective utilization essential.

Various analytical tools and AI technologies – such as natural language processing - have been developed to attempt to harness this massive potential. However, their use has largely remained segregated by industry, severely limiting the opportunity to grasp the bigger picture and go beyond field boundaries.

The Next Generation Information Analysis Space (NGIAS) has invited experts in various industries to share their experience of information analysis and examples of its use to promote the exchange of ideas and perspectives among people from different fields and business sectors.

Dates & Time: Nov.9 (Thu) from 11:15 to 19:45 and Nov.10 (Fri) from 10:00 to 18:15
Networking Reception: Both evenings
Venue: Jinbocho, Tokyo

Register here (JP only) or contact us directly at

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IPBC Asia 2017 • Tokyo, Japan • Oct 29-31

Gold Sponsor

The Asia-Pacific region is cementing its position as the focus point for the international IP market as its rapid development drives deal making, IP investment and litigation trends. Against this background, IAM is pleased to be returning to Tokyo for the fifth IPBC Asia, hosted at the Palace Hotel on October 29 to 31 2017.

IPBC Asia is the only event in the region that focuses on how IP owners can strategically use intellectual property to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance bottom-line returns, increase shareholder value and provide leverage in the financial markets.

As in previous years, sessions will explore key issues associated with IP value creation, but with a specifically Asian flavour. Our faculty of speakers is comprised of individuals in charge of intellectual property at some of the region’s most forward-thinking companies, as well as senior players in the global IP market. Their unique insights and experiences will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of IP value creation strategy, as well as the many challenges that IP owners must address both now and in the future.

Returning to Japan, Asia’s IP powerhouse, IPBC Asia 2017 is set to be the largest yet – leveraging IAM’s extensive relationships with the Japanese IP community and the phenomenal success of previous IPBC Asia events to ensure unparalleled attendance from corporate IP leaders from Japan, the region and across the globe.

All sessions will be bilingual, with simultaneous Japanese-English translations and, as with all IPBCs, particular focus is attached to the networking aspect of the event which includes an exclusive welcome reception and the Asia IP Elite gala dinner banquet.

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IP World Summit 2017 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands • Sept 25-27


IP World Summit, formerly known as Global Patent Congress, is a one-stop shop for IP leaders offering a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions now covering a range of approaches to IP protection and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.

Designed exclusively for Chief Intellectuals Property Officers, Heads of Patents, Heads of IP, IP Managers and Patent Attorneys, IP World Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders about how to balance increasing business interest in your IP portfolio.

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Predictive Analytics in R&D & IP Strategy Development • London, UK • September 21

Please join Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, founder and CEO of Valuenex, Inc, and a panel of influential IP and predictive analysis experts at a seminar in London’s home of scientific education and research, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, to learn how major corporates, manufacturers and law firms use Valuenex's predictive analytics to develop their R&D, M&A, and IP strategies.

Hear how we should approach Big Data and optimally analyse and visualize information, the use of predictive analytics for innovation, and how businesses can harness the power of AI. Our Presenters will also share real-life business use cases simulating M&A sustainability, R&D strategy development, due diligence, and finding emerging fields and white spaces across industries.

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Predict the future with Predictive Analytics • Tokyo, Japan • July 21

Keynote Speaker

The Big Data revolution is leading systems that, thanks to analyzing current and historical facts, could predict your future habits and health, or help you avoid traffic accidents or paying too much for an airfare. Come hear from Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, founder and CEO of VALUENEX Japan Inc., about how we should approach Big Data and optimally analyze and visualize information, the use of predictive analytics for innovation, and how our businesses can harness the power of AI. Dr. Nakamura will also share real-life business use cases simulating M&A effectiveness, evaluating relative value of technologies, and finding emerging fields and white spaces across industries.

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IC13 World Conference on Intellectual Capital • Paris, FRANCE • July 3-4

Panel Member and Presenter

The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities 13th Edition organised by The European Chair on Intellectual Capital, the University Paris-Sud And UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Information for All Programme (IFAP) with a regional focus on Japan.

Join VALUENEX's president, Tatsuo Nakamura, for his presentation on How to Utilize IC for Investments during Session 4 on Monday, July 3rd from 3-4:30pm.

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IPBC GLOBAL 2017 • Ottawa, CANADA • June 18-20

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For senior IP executives, convergence has become a pivotal issue. As innovation and new technology platforms have brought together industries that just a few years ago were very separate, traditional IP management strategies have had to be reinvented and new operational models developed.

The programme for IPBC Global 2017 reflects this changed reality, examining the challenges that convergence poses for the IP community from a multiplicity of angles. Whether it be how to organise a world-class IP function, build a best-in-class portfolio of IP assets, create a fit-for-purpose standards regime or maximise licensing and sales opportunities in this new environment, the unrivalled speaking faculty for IPBC Global 2017 will have it covered.

Throw in a range of exciting and fresh session formats – including Internet of Things and patent sales boot camps, and “How to be Brilliant” masterclasses on in-house IP management and licensing – as well as the unrivalled three days of networking opportunities that IPBC Global always offers, and you can be sure that the world's IP movers and shakers will be in Ottawa next June.

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VALUENEX & Skadden, ARPS Seminar • Palo Alto, CA, USA • March 30

Exclusive Joint Seminar

Please join our next VALUENEX seminar in the Palo Alto office of law firm Skadden, Arps for a discussion of M&A trends in Asia and how patent portfolio analysis can illuminate the current deal-making landscape, as well as future trends. Register here.

M&A transactions are on the rise in Asia and Asian companies are playing an increasing role in the M&A market. However, it can be challenging to identify company strategies and evolving trends in M&A. To help our clients better understand the challenges and opportunities, VALUENEX invites you to join us in the Palo Alto office of international law firm Skadden, Arps for a discussion of M&A trends and the patent portfolios of major companies in Asia, including Softbank, Alibaba and Foxconn. The session will focus on the evolution of the patent portfolios of the companies, analysis of M&A transactions and insight on the transitions.

AAAI 2017 Spring Symposium • Stanford, CA, USA • March 27-29

Guest Presentors

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Department of Computer Science, is pleased to present the 2017 Spring Symposium Series, to be held Monday through Wednesday, March 27-29, 2017 at Stanford University. The titles of the eight symposia are as follows:

  • AI for the Social Good
  • Computational Construction Grammar and Natural Language Understanding
  • Computational Context: Why It's Importatn, What It Means, and Can It Be Computed?
  • Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems
  • Interactive Multisensory Object Perception for Embodied Agents
  • Learning from Observation of Humans
  • Science of Intelligence: Computational Principles of Natural and Artificial Intelligence
  • Wellbeing AI: From Machine Learning to Subjectivity Oriented Computing

VALUENEX will be there to talk about R&D trends in Wellbeing AI and the impact of large-scale M&As in the Wellbeing industry.

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AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting • Hollywood, FL, USA • March 12-15


Join VALUENEX members at the 2017 Annual Meeting and you’ll learn why AUTM is the gold standard for professional development in technology transfer. Your opportunity to network with industry, investors, and nearly every academic research institution in the world in one location is here. Gain more knowledge, build stronger relationships and bringing greater value to your office. If you are responsible for marketing, valuation, protecting, licensing or negotiating university intellectual property, or, you are searching for intellectual property to license, this is for you.

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IPBC Asia 2016 • Shanghai • December 4-6


The Valuenex team will be joining IPBC Asia on December 4-6 in Shanghai, with Tatsuo Nakamura as a panel member in the breakout session "Maximizing value through competitive intelligence". Being held at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel, IPBC Asia 2016 will be the year’s biggest gathering of corporate IP decision makers from around the world and in Asia.

Some of the key focal points include:

  • Managing IP challenges in technology convergence
  • The patent litigation battleground in China
  • The Asia IP Elite: what keeps them up at night?
  • Risks and opportunities in the new European patent market
  • IP deal making

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Patent Information Fair & Conference • Tokyo, JAPAN • November 9-11


PIFC is the largest exhibition in the intellectual property industry held once a year at the Tokyo Science Museum.

Approximately 20,000 visitors, including managers, patent attorneys, and researchers among others, are expected over the 3-day period. Exhibitions will cover topics such as patent search systems, analysis systmes, and more.

VALUENEX will be there to exhibit the newly-released UI/UX and there will be a free trial for people to try. The company president, Mr. Nakamura, will also be there to give a presentation.

WHEN: Novemeber 9-11 from 10:00am to 5:00pm WHERE: Tokyo Science Museum

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Advising your IP Clients: Harness the Power of Predictive Analytics • Washington D.C. • September 28

Exclusive Event

For the IP legal practitioner, advising clients in the world of Big Data and unstructured databases is a growing challenge and necessity. Effective and easy to deploy predictive analytics tools can provide information and insight in data previously difficult to obtain.

Join a panel of experts from VALUENEX to discuss how their new and proprietary applications are providing a better understanding of the critical and transformative effect of predictive analytics in IP law.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 7:30am to 9:30am (Breakfast starts at 7:30am with presentations starting at 8:00am)

WHERE: The Renaissance Hotel, 999 9th Street Northwest, Washington D.C. 20001

Utlizing Big Data for IP Innovation • Singapore • September 13

Exclusive Event in partnership with Intellectual Property Office Singapore (IPOS) Society

With the expansion of ICT technologies and the growing library of databases, we now have easy access to valuable information. But with all the information received, it is in an unstructured format, with no clear organization and presentation.

VALUENEX's "Panoramic View Analytics" aids us to find alternative solutions from the unexpected, and to innovate beyond what may seem possible.

The event will comprise of informal sessions for networking purposes, and presentations to introduce the Big Data applications and VALUENEX services and solutions. There will be a Q&A session at the end of each topical presentation, and audience engagement is encouraged to heighten interest levels during presentations.

Programme includes:

  • How can we find the future on the Radar Map of Big Data?
  • Our Services and Case Studies
  • Usage of VALUENEX Radar

WHEN: September 13th, 2016 from 10:30am to 6:00pm.

WHERE: IPOS Office, Singapore

IPBC Japan 2016 • Tokyo, JAPAN • September 8

Gold Sponsor

IPBC Japan’s high-level one-day programme is specifically designed for senior IP executives at the leading Japanese industrial companies. Sessions will address the core themes of IP value creation and strategic corporate IP management and discuss these in a Japanese context. This year’s programme will have a particular emphasis on key international trends and developments.

All sessions will be bilingual, with simultaneous Japanese-English translations (and vice versa where relevant). As with all IPBC events, particular focus is attached to the networking aspect of the event, and the coffee breaks, lunch and cocktail reception will be structured very much with this in mind.

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IPBC Global 2016 • Barcelona, SPAIN • June 5-7


The event will take place at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona from June 5 to 7. Recently named the world’s “Most Wired City” and the home of the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona is one of Europe’s top technology hubs and an ideal location for the ninth IPBC Global – the world’s leading event focusing on the business of IP value creation.

Devised for an audience of senior IP business leaders, the programme for IPBC Global 2016 reflects the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving global IP market. Not only are developments in Europe and Asia creating a more international ecosystem, but assertion-based monetization programmes are becoming harder to implement in the United States. However, as traditional strategies become less attractive, newer and more collaborative business models are gaining traction, while emerging sectors and priorities demand ever-closer attention to the full range of IP rights.

With a speaking faculty composed of thought leaders operating in all parts of the market, IPBC Global 2016 will use its plenary and breakout sessions to explore emerging trends and to identify the major challenges facing IP owners and their advisers, as well as suggesting solutions. The full preliminary programme can be viewed here.

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Predictive Analytics World 2016 • San Francisco • April 4-5

Gold Sponsors

Predictive Analytics World for Business, April 4-5, 2016 in San Francisco, is packed with the top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders.

Predictive Analytics World focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics. Hear from the horse's mouth precisely how Fortune 500 analytics competitors and other top practitioners deploy predictive modeling, and what kind of business impact it delivers.

PAW's San Francisco 2016 program will feature over 30 sessions with case studies across 3 tracks – 1) All Audiences, 2) Expert/Practitioner and 3) Financial Services – so you can witness how predictive analytics is applied at leading enterprises.

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Chief Data Officer Summit 2016 • New York City, NY, USA • December 2-3


The Chief Data Officer summit will gather leading data executives that oversee the strategic business application of its information assets. We will explore the vision, strategy and oversight for all initiatives related to data from Dec. 2 to Dec. 3 at the New York Marriott Downtown.

We cover the topics that matter most to today’s big data professionals and top it off with a healthy dose of innovative action points and key takeaways.

With over 150+ like-minded Big Data leaders descending on New York for the event, and both structured and informal networkings sessions provided, it’s a brilliant opportunity to forge new professional contacts.

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IPBC Asia 2015 • Tokyo, JAPAN • November 8-10

Gold Sponsor

To address the rapidly increasing importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the IP market, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) will be hosting the third IP Business Congress Asia (IPBC Asia) from November 8 to 10 at the five-star Palace Hotel, Tokyo.

IPBC Asia 2015 is the only event in the region that focuses on how IP owners can strategically use intellectual property to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance bottom-line returns, increase shareholder value and provide leverage in the financial markets.

Join the CEO & Founder of VALUENEX, Tatsuo Nakamura, as he talks about Strategic Competitve Intelligence on Monday, November 9th from 4pm. Program highlights :

  • Asia Market Wrap
  • Corporate Structures for Maximum Effect
  • Big Markets, Big Changes
  • IP, Venture Capital & the Start-up Ecosystem
  • Strategic Competitive Intelligence
  • Trade Secrets, Utility Models & Designs
  • Reducing Patent Vulnerability, Enhancing Market Reach
  • The Great Monetization Debate
  • Getting to Grips with FRAND and SEPs
  • Putting a Price on your Portfolio
  • Quality is King
  • Licensing Context

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